The Japanese Anime

Japanese Anime is the short abbreviated form of the Japanese way to pronounce "animation". In the English-speaking countries the Japanese Anime are referred to as Japanese animated cartoons.

Although the Japanese Animes dates back to 1917, it was only in 1960s that the characteristic and unique style of the Japanese animation developed. It was the work of Osamu Tezuka that became the best known outside Japan in the eighties.

Some of the best Japanese Animes have a huge fan following not only in Japan but all over the world. Having gained huge recognition throughout the world, today these animations from Japan can be watched on TV broadcasts, in theater, or even online. You can easily find them in comics, films, videos, entertainment sites, like, commercials, video games, etc.

Japanese Anime are known to use a far more advanced techniques so as to capture fast and abrupt movements and make realistic illusions.

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