The Characteristics of Japanese Anime  

Japanese anime are very much similar to other cartoons and animations in the sense that they are all part of animated features. But it is the characteristics of Japanese anime that makes them very special and unique from other cartoons. Read on to know what is it that sets the Japanese animations apart form the other cartoons in the world.

Unique characteristics of Japanese anime

While the other cartoon animations all over the world are made kept in mind the younger children, Japanese Animes, on the other hand, cater not only to the small kids but also to the adult audience. They tend to have a complex storyline quite unlike the animations stories told by Disney and other parts of the world. Even the full feature-length animations in the other parts of the world will tend to have a very simple story line that is easy to follow by small children.

But the characteristics of Japanese anime lie in their storyline which tend to be complex, especially when made for the adult demographic. Actually some of these Japanese animations are not meant for the young children at all.

The Characters are another aspect that marks the characteristics of Japanese anime. Japanese Animators tend to bestow a real personality to an otherwise mild character. And usually, these charades in Japanese anime tend to develop unique personas with multiple protagonists. But if you see the cartoon characters from any other parts of the world, you will find them center on just a few characteristics and focus on one central character.

The animation style too is among the unique characteristics of Japanese anime. Japanese Animation style is definitely more advanced and set on realistic illusions. One can note the fast and sudden movements caught with ease in Japanese animes. Some good examples are Yu Yu Hakusho and Pokemon that are so immensely popular in the cartoon world.

Cartoon making in the other part of the world are getting more reliant on computer-generated graphics, as they are cost effective and time saving. However, they are not very efficient in showing the quick movements in a character, unlike the Japanese anime.

All the above factors make the characteristics of Japanese anime very unique and special.

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