Japanese Anime Influence on World

Japanese anime influence can be seen all over the world, especially in the western countries. It is common to come across some commercial western adaptations of Japanese anime, like in comics, books, games, apparel, music and even in snacks. As the Westerners got exposed the other facets of Japanese culture plus their animations, it was to leave a significant impact on them. Today the Japanese anime influence can be seen as some commercially profitable ventures in western countries.

Some Japanese terms, related to the animes are used by fans beyond Japan. Although these words may have taken on different connotations, but never the less they are used commonly, for example, otaku.

The Japanese anime influence is quite apparent on the westerners who have expressed a particular interest towards Japan. The anime characters are immensely popular all over the world and it is common to fins many anime clubs getting prevalent in colleges, high schools etc.

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The Japanese Anime Influence

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