Japanese Anime music

The Japanese anime music is closely related to the Japanese music industry. But it is a genre in its own right and is also referred to as anime song. It is common to hear the Japanese anime music on TV in the animation or in the soundtrack albums.

Japanese anime music is as popular as the animations. A couple of the notable composers in the music for the Japanese animations are Joe Hisaishi, Shigeaki Saegusa, Kenji Kawai  sand Yoko Kanno.  These classical composers produced a symphonic score for the anime series that went on to become extremely popular. It was Saegusa and Hisaishi, who were the first to motivate the idea that anime music too could be of an excellent quality.

Latest  Japanese anime music

  • Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Limited Edition
  • Gurren Lagann: Best Sound (CD)
  • Please! Teacher: Stokesia
  • Piano Squall: GAME - Game and Anime Pianist
  • Angela: I/O (CD)
  • An' Cafe: Goku-tama Rock Café
  • Akira Original Soundtrack (CD)
  • Versailles - Philharmonic Quintet – Noble

  • Latest  Japanese anime music

  • FullMetal Alchemist Complete Best
  • Final Fantasy XII: Original Soundtrack
  • Eureka Seven OST Vol. 1
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi no Tsumeawase
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