The Proportion in Japanese Anime Character

Japanese Anime Characters are very real life. You will feel as if they are actually breathing. It is how they are drawing and the powerful story line behind that gives these characters in Japanese anime that gives them the strength. These characters can be funny and warm or cold and brutal. But they are sure to touch your heart and make you believe in them. The prime focus of this page is to discuss the proportion in Japanese Anime character.

The body proportion in Japanese Anime character follows the same proportions as in a human body. The artist considers the head to be the base unit of proportion. As long as the rest of the body remains proportional, the height of the head can vary. Most Japanese anime characters are about seven to eight heads tall, with the extreme heights going up to nine heads tall.

The proportion in Japanese Anime character can also vary, depending on the artist. You will often come across some super-deformed characters with a non proportional body. Sometimes, some specific body parts like arms or legs may be shortened or elongated to add special character. Exaggerating certain body features can also lead to an increase in the proportion in Japanese Anime character.

These body proportions in japans anime is what makes them unique and special. They tend to accentuate a certain body part, such as the eyes, hands, ears, legs or arms. However, the Japanese animations focus on clean, accentuated lines and make the audience feel for the character.

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