Time Travellers Experience

Time Travellers Experience offers a nostagic look at popular culture; From carpet samples on the floor to the walls full of classic movie posters, comic strips and 30 categories offering variety of displays (Dr Who, Fads & Fashion, Book Corner, Aliens-Spaceships-Monsters, Girls Playtime, Icons, Animated, Puppets & Muppets, Planes-Trains-and Automobiles, Star Trek, Star Wars, Comic Characters, Space & Beyone, Horror & Jokes etc)

Some highlights include: Adult Humour Section Cartoon Humour with well known Artists Harvy Kurtsmen, Vargas and Seaside naughty postcards

Sit inside a replica prop of the Time Machine

Take a ride in a classic Dr Who “travel machine”

Jump through the Time Portal

Play on vintage pinball machines and classic 80s arcade machine

Rare movie and TV collectables on display

A time-line on popular culture of 20th Century

Viewmaster reels to view

Original classic movie posters and lobby cards

Vintage movie projectors

We specialize in Science Fiction, so there is a fair bit of this throughout the collection, but its Blast from the Past and beyond with Steampunk Rayguns

We are gearing up for selling and making Steampunk and Rayguns over the coming months so check our facebook page and website for updates



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